About WakeSys

WakeSys is your solution to enhance your wakeboard park’s, aqua park’s or surf park's operations. Providing an easy-to-use booking and management system, it will reduce all manual efforts in the running of your park.

We are more than an online booking system

We love what we do and this is what our customers appreciate: You find a problem in the system or have a request? We will look at it and give our best to immediately find the right solution. This way we continue to keep our system ahead of the game.

Our story

2006: Beginnings at a wakeboard school

The idea for creating an easy-to-use solution for the watersports industry dates back to 2006 when Chris decided to found youthwake.lu, a non-profit wakeboard school run by college students in Luxembourg.

It goes without saying that nobody in the club was very keen on the accounting part of managing a wakeboard school. This is why Chris and his friend Sebastian started developing a simple booking system for youthwake.lu that would automate all daily operations and manage invoices.

2010: Tour around the globe

In the spring of 2010, Jessi and Chris headed off on a trip around the world using the occasion to show WakeSys to wake schools and parks along the way in order to gather as much feedback as possible. Internationally known wake parks like OWC and Texas Ski Ranch in the US made us rethink the features of our system. Hence, we started expanding it to include online bookings and online payments. At this point, Christophe and Dave joined our team and remain the two lead engineers at WakeSys.

2012: First two-tower cable on WakeSys

In 2012, the first two-tower cable park operators became interested in WakeSys, which until then had only been available to non-profits and schools with boats. After carefully listening to the needs of two-tower parks, we decided to extend the software to incorporate their specific needs.

2014: First full-size cable on WakeSys

After offering WakeSys to two-tower parks, it was only one more step to becoming the tailor-made solution for the water sports industry. Thus in 2014, we decided to do one more overhaul of WakeSys in order to satisfy the needs of full-size cable park customers and operators.

2018/2019: First aqua parks and surf parks on WakeSys

We like to call WakeSys your enterprise software. This means that we have a solution for all common operations of water sports parks, no matter if it’s wakeboarding, aqua park or surfing. In 2018, we took the next step to make sure that WakeSys can be used by water sports parks with numerous activities. On top of that, we have welcomed Stevie into our team. He supports the technical development of WakeSys.

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